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Decorating your garden

When we decorate our homes, we look at the whole picture. We evaluate each space for its walls, furniture, floors, accent pieces and how all the elements work together in the design. Garden decor should be no different! Look at the whole yard and how all the garden decor elements work together to create a well balanced and eye-pleasing outdoor environment with a welcoming ambience.
Whether you have a sprawling five acres or a small patio garden, it’s not the size that matters, but what you do with it. Yes, we’ve heard this before, and it makes lots of sense in garden decor, too with the use of solar powered pebbles and other accessories! It’s all about planning it out.

When planning garden decor, consider the contour of the land and what you want each area of the garden or yard to accomplish: shade, barrier, play, lounging, etc. Think of your garden space as a blank canvas, and your paints will consist of all the garden decor elements, both live and accent, that you’ll include.

Thirsty Planet Franklin Porter is now here on draft!

Attention BBQ and Beer Lovers!

Cheatham Street is proud to welcome its newest seasonal brew to our draft lineup! Some might say it is a little late in the season for a porter but this one was worth the wait. The malt in this local Austin brew was smoke at Austin’s own Franklin BBQ giving it a rich deep smoked flavor. Learn more about the beer and Franklin BBQ below….

We are only going to be selling one keg of the Franklin Porter and it won’t last long so get here soon to get yours! Continue reading