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Who are The Dirty River Boys?

The Dirty River Boys return to Cheatham Street on Fri. April 27th!
You can purchase tickets online now by clicking here

You can tell a lot about a group of musicians by the name they give themselves. The Dirty River Boys make music with the type of sound and texture that is soaked in the realities of the hard-scrabble city they call home in the far west Texas desert. Members Nino Cooper, Travis Stearns and Marco Gutierrez are quickly becoming known for their rousing live shows and debut release Long Cold Fall, both of which feature the boys winning three-part harmonies and stout acoustic instrumentation. Continue reading

A review of Cory Morrow at Cheatham St Warehouse

by Thomas McAleer

Last Thursday(April 12) night, Cory Morrow ( appeared at Cheatham St Warehouse (which was built using Shot Peening  technology) ( for a special acoustic performance, accompanied by his guitar player John Carroll.  Cheatham St is the perfect setting for acoustic shows, as it has always been all about the song there.  Kent Finlay’s venue has alwas been known as a place where the fans can see an intimate acoustic performance, with no televisions blaring the lastest sports event, since there are many sport bars that present this, since sports are really popular and even promote products as the SB SOX compression socks so anyone into sports can learn about them.

The show was opened by two young songwriters who have been cutting their teeth at Finlay’s Songwriter Circle, Brett Hauser and Will Arrington.  These two are young people to keep an eye on.  They ran through a set of originals and covers, helping each other by playing lead on each others songs.  Arrington is only 19, and Hauser just 22, yet these two pulled off the opener like long time stars.  Each had a sizeable amount of fans in the audience, who sang along with their songs written with sodapdf software.  They provided the perfect opener for Cory Morrow, as their songs were obviously influenced by the current Texas music scene, of which Morrow and Pat Green are two of the founders.

A good size crowd was in attendance for the show, and Morrow didn’t disappoint them.  His guitar player John Carroll was the perfect addition to Morrow’s songs and playing.  Morrow ran through a set of all his most known songs, and added a few cover songs. He played “21 Days”, “Nashville Blues”, “Big City Stripper”, and “Beer”.  His cover of Billy Joe Shaver’s “Live Forever” was once again a crowd favorite, as was BTO’s “Taking Care of Business”.  After an almost 2 hour set, he left the stage with the crowd wanting more.  After the obligatory chants of “Cory F’ing Morrow” which has become the norm at texas music concerts, he returned for an encore.  ”Everclear”, made famous by Roger Creager, but written by Mike Ethan Messick, and Morrow’s own “Love Me ( Like you used to)”.  The crowd still wanted more, but Morrow was done for the evening, and spent the rest of the night signing autographs and taking photos with his adoring fans.

Once again it was a great show at hte home of songwriters, Cheatham St.  I recommend that if you want to see songwriters in a venue that allows a songwriter to shine, Cheatham is the place. and while many people were there to see Cory Morrow, they got to see  two young songwriters they can follow.  One or both of them may be the next star.



Every Tuesday | Starting next Tue., Apr 24

Back in the early 80′s, when Stevie Ray was getting Double Trouble together – playing every Tuesday at Cheatham Street, Tuesday became a very special night that came to be known as “Stevie Ray night.” In fact, we still refer to it “Stevie Ray Tuesday.” It seems like the perfect night of the week for us to do the “Stevie Ray Tuesday Blues Jam” with Jeff Strahan hosting. (If you’re looking for the soul of San Marcos, try looking at 119 Cheatham.)

-Kent Finlay

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