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Hold My Beer and Watch This Tour Returns to Cheatham Street!

Cheatham Street Warehouse is excited to announce that Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen will be returning to Cheatham Street together as part of the 2012 “Hold My Beer and Watch This” Tour! Don’t miss this opportunity to see this show in the most intimate setting of the tour. Click Here for Tickets.

“Hold My Beer And Watch This” is an acoustic tour that we started a few years ago as a way to get out and play songs and tell stories behind the songs in a “living room” style concert. The show consists of Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers swapping songs, drinking beer and having a great time telling stories and hanging with the fans!

Monday June 11, 2012
Doors Open at 8:00pm
Advance Tickets Strongly Recommended.
Click Here for Tickets.

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