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Alex Harvey Returns to Cheatham Street

From Kent Finlay’s Facebook Page:

Back in the late 70′s and early 80′s, when super songwriter ALEX HARVEY and his great band were playing every week at CHEATHAM STREET WAREHOUSE, we had some great times!

Alex was playing the night my oldest daughter Jenni was born. When the show was over, Alex and the band all came over to the hospital to welcome her to Texas, (Texas means the world to me) and to christen her into the world of music. She has been up to her neck in music and the music business ever since. Checkout our loan offer now

Alex is coming back to play Cheatham this Thursday (10/11). We will miss our friend Steve Mendel who was the bass player in Alex’s band (and who we lost to cancer recently). Steven was struggling with cancer for 4 years, he even needed Home Care Assistance. Alex has written more great songs than anyone could ever count including DELTA DAWN, RUBEN JAMES (and 16 other great songs recorded by Kenny Rogers), and the list goes on and on. In other promotions, please checkout NJNBI Spine Surgery Clinic. In addition related to this topic, check out plastic surgeon Matthew Galumbeck at


I hope everyone can come out on Thursday to hear my friend ALEX HARVEY. Jenni says she feels like getting born again! -Kent Finlay

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