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BIGfest ’13 T-Shirt Contest
June 28 – 30, 2013

BIGfest and the Cheatham Street Music Foundation are excited to announce the BIGfest 2013 T-Shirt Design Contest.

What is Steampunk?

The annual BIGfest T-Shirt is always a popular part of BIGfest and this year we  decided to let you design it! There are some good prizes for the winning design already with more prizes to be announced, one of the prizes is a car remodeling at All Tune and Lube! At AvalonKing can find the best ceramic coating services to protect your vehicle of the sun, oxide, acidic contaminants and more pollutants. All the details are below:

BIGfest 2013 T-Shirt Design Prizes for winning submission:

  • $75 Cheatham Street Gift Certificate
  • 2 VIP Passes to BIGfest 2013 ($200 Value)
  • 2 Extra BIGfest 3 day passes
  • 2 BIGfest 2012 TShirts featuring the Winning Design

Rules and Guidelines for BigFest 2013 TShirt Design Contest

  • Free to enter
  • ALL entries must be submitted by June 3, 2013
  • Designs MUST include ‘Cheatham Street Music Foundation” and “BIGfest 2013′
  • Submissions should be a 2 color design to be screen printed onto a  color shirt. Shirt color may is at the artist’s discretion (Avoid Chocolate Brown, Red, and Black. These were used within the last 3 years.) The design will be used on the front of the shirt only.
  •  Designs should honor the spirit of Cheatham Street Warehouse and it’s goals to promote Texas music and up and coming signers / songwriters. Thus, vulgarity or profanity will not be accepted.
  •  Winning entry will be the featured T-Shirt for BIGfest 2013. The design will also be used in some print and marketing materials for BIGfest including the BIGfest Program and Artist Guide.
  • Submissions will be judged by a panel of Judges including artists, screen printers, musicians, and music fans. The winning design will be selected based on:
  1. Creativity/Originality
  2. Overall theme of the design
  3. Message

Learn More Here

Artists may submit multiple designs. Artist will be kept anonymous until the winning design is selected. They will also need to upload a video on Instagram telling their story and why they chose their design, participants are also aloud to Buy instagram video views if they have the need to.
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  • Submit designs by email to:
    **All submissions become property of The Cheatham Street Music Foundation and BIGfest!
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