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Carolyn Wonderland Returns to Cheatham Street on Friday 6/8

Carolyn Wonderland returns to Cheatham Street Warehouse on Friday  night.

Doors open at 8:00pm and The Hems will be opening the show at 9:00pm.

Tickets are available now at

Who is Carolyn Wonderland?

Carolyn Wonderland has the goods. A triple threat with her diverse songwriting, soulful vocals, and guitar goddess status – all featured on over twenty CDs, six of which are her releases – she has a pedigree in this business that’s hard to match. A bit of a renegade, she likes to incorporate elements of Blues, Country, Swing, Zydeco, Surf, Gospel, Soul, and some nights, maybe even a Cumbia into the musical mix. Recent years have seen her stretching out musically working some expert whistling and scat singing into her shows. In addition to her trusty guitar, “Patty,” Carolyn has been regularly playing her trumpet, and even occasionally the accordion, mandolin, or keys…she is threatening to take up nose flute if someone doesn’t stop her… Continue reading